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Director – Academic Partnerships

College Name: Innivec
Department: Sales and Marketing

Company Description 

Innivec is a prestigious Canadian consortium of private colleges known for academic excellence, innovation, and  inclusivity. We’re seeking a proactive Director of Corporate Partnerships to drive student success, revenue  growth, and industry collaborations. 

Job Summary 

As the Director of Academic Partnerships, you will perform vital connections between our colleges and other  Canadian institutions. This dynamic role involves partnership development, revenue strategies, and fostering  industry relationships while emphasizing the importance of skilling and reskilling initiatives. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Develop and Enhance Academic Pathways: 
    • Collaborate closely with a range of public and private institutions, with a specific emphasis on Canadian  institutions, to establish, evolve, and optimize academic pathways. 
    • Identify and evaluate opportunities for collaboration and strategic partnerships that closely align with the  company’s overarching goals and program offerings. 
    • Foster robust relationships with academic leaders and administrators, facilitating the seamless creation  of transfer and credit recognition arrangements. 
  1. Lead Joint Credentials Development:  
    • Take charge of driving the development of joint credentials and innovative academic programs, working  collaboratively with academic and program development teams. 
    • Design high-quality, cutting-edge joint offerings that effectively cater to the requirements of both the  institution and the company. 
    • Ensure that all initiatives adhere to accreditation standards and regulatory mandates. 
  1. Cultivate Partnerships:  
    • Establish and nurture partnerships with both public and private colleges and universities, expanding the  company’s footprint within the realm of training programs. 
    • Collaborate closely on the execution of these programs at partner campuses, ensuring a consistent  curriculum, high-quality delivery, and educational excellence.
    • Identify opportunities to adapt and tailor offerings to cater to the unique and specific needs of each  partnering institution. 
  1. Lead Negotiations and Agreements: 
    • Spearhead negotiation efforts with institutional partners, skillfully crafting agreements that are mutually  advantageous and comprehensively outline the terms of collaboration, revenue sharing, and program  delivery. 
    • Ensure that all agreements are meticulously defined, legally sound, and harmoniously aligned with the  company’s strategic objectives. 
  1. Champion Though Leadership and Networking: 
    • Serve as a representative of the company at various academic conferences, industry events, and  networking occasions, effectively showcasing the immense value of academic partnerships and joint  credentials. 
    • Contribute actively to the company’s thought leadership initiatives through dynamic presentations,  insightful whitepapers, and pertinent publications. 
  1. Promote Global Collaboration: 
    • While maintaining a primary focus on Canadian institutions, remain receptive to the exploration of  collaboration possibilities on a global scale. 
    • Skillfully identify and assess potential partnerships with international institutions that seamlessly align  with the overarching strategic direction of the company. 

Performance Measures 

Include but are not limited to: 

  • Submit regular reports to the Vice President as necessary that critically evaluate the effectiveness of the  progress on the given tasks and targets. 
  • Initiate action plans in consultation with the Vice President in case the information suggests that  enrollment goals may not be met. The incumbent must ensure key performance measures or  performance targets are met. 
  • Provide evaluations for coordinated events and recommendations for new/additional events. Any other performance measure that are developed over the time of association.  

Minimum Qualifications and Experience 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or related field (Master’s preferred). 
  • Minimum 7 years in academic partnerships, business development, or revenue-focused roles.
  • Proven success in forging partnerships and revenue growth. 
  • Strong negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding of Canadian higher education and academic landscape. Results-driven mindset with collaborative abilities. 

Work Location  

  • Vancouver / Toronto

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