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Director – Corporate Partnership

College Name: Innivec
Department: Sales and Marketing

Company Description 

Innivec is a prestigious Canadian consortium of private colleges known for academic excellence, innovation, and  inclusivity. We’re seeking a proactive Director of Corporate Partnerships to drive student success, revenue  growth, and industry collaborations. 

Job Summary 

As the Director of Corporate Partnerships, you will forge vital connections between our colleges and corporations.  This dynamic role involves partnership development, revenue strategies, and fostering industry relationships  while emphasizing the importance of skilling and reskilling initiatives. 

Duties and Responsibilities 

  1. Partnership Strategy and Engagement: 
    • Develop and execute a corporate partnership strategy aligned with Innivec’s mission.
    • Prioritize potential partners based on relevance and shared values. 
    • Cultivate relationships with decision-makers and industry leaders. 
  1. Revenue Generation and Performance: 
    • Negotiate partnership agreements and innovative revenue models. 
    • Define revenue targets and evaluate outcomes against KPIs. 
    • Refine strategies for optimal revenue growth. 
  1. Program Development and Industry Links: 
    • Collaborate with industry for curriculum alignment with market needs, focusing on essential skilling and  reskilling. 
    • Design tailored training programs for industry-specific skills that address current and emerging demands. 
  1. Alumni Network and Feedback: 
    • Leverage alumni connections for seamless job placements, emphasizing the importance of continuous  learning and reskilling. 
    • Maintain a feedback loop with partners for program improvements and enhanced skilling outcomes.
  1. Strategic Initiatives for Revenue Generation: 
    • Develop training programs, workshops, or courses for corporate needs, enhancing students’  employability through targeted reskilling efforts while generating revenue. 
    • Facilitate paid internships or co-op placements for students, charging placement fees to partners while  focusing on reskilling potential. 
  1. Innovative Collaborations: 
    • Develop joint credential programs (Certificate/Diploma or Degree) aligned with industry needs,  prioritizing relevant skilling for employability and generating revenue through tuition fees.
    • Secure sponsorships for events, programs, or facilities, offering benefits in exchange for support and  emphasizing the role of ongoing skilling. 
  1. Revenue-Sharing Ventures: 
    • Partner with companies to offer products or services to the college community, negotiating revenue sharing models while promoting the value of lifelong learning and reskilling. 
    • Collaborate on co-branded research initiatives with potential revenue streams such as joint patents or  licensing agreements, underscoring the importance of innovation and skilling. 
  1. Digital Learning Platforms and Talent Acquisition Services: 
    • Offer cutting-edge Digital Learning Platforms to corporate partners, enabling them to provide engaging  training courses for upskilling and reskilling. Generate revenue through a shared model that benefits both  parties. 
    • Provide comprehensive talent acquisition services, including hosting career fairs and facilitating job  placements, while emphasizing the alignment of skills and reskilling with industry needs. 

Performance Measures 

Include but are not limited to: 

  • Submit regular reports to the Vice President as necessary that critically evaluate the effectiveness of the  progress on the given tasks and targets. 
  • Initiate action plans in consultation with the Vice President in case the information suggests that  enrollment goals may not be met. The incumbent must ensure key performance measures or  performance targets are met. 
  • Provide evaluations for coordinated events and recommendations for new/additional events.
  • Any other performance measure that are developed over the time of association.  

Minimum Qualifications and Experience 

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business, Marketing, or related field (Master’s preferred). 
  • Minimum 7 years in corporate partnerships, business development, or revenue-focused roles.
  • Proven success in forging partnerships and revenue growth.
  • Strong negotiation, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Understanding of Canadian higher education and corporate landscape.
  • Results-driven mindset with collaborative abilities. 

Work Location  

  • Vancouver / Toronto

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